There are many reasons to use a freelance website developer, with the main reason being cost savings to you. At Boundless Creative, I work out of my own home so there are no extra overhead charges I pass on to you.

The second reason is personal attention. Working with a freelance web designer gives you personal one-to-one service that no large company can offer.

When I’m working on a project, I will be the main point of contact at all times avoiding any communication delays that might occur with larger companies.

I won’t try to sell you expensive Content Management packages if I don’t think you need one. With open source projects so advanced these days, 99% of websites can be created using existing CMS platforms such as WordPress. Though I have been developing my own websites since the mid-1990s, I now specialize exclusive in WordPress websites. It’s clear to me that WordPress has grown into one of the most powerful and all-encompassing CMS platforms for web development, so that is my focus. That means you get expert service for your money.

If there comes a point where you’re looking for something that goes beyond my realm of knowledge in a certain area, I will let you know, and put you in contact with specialists. This means you have all the advantages of working with a midsize web development company even though you are working with a devoted freelancer!